Thursday, September 01, 2011

Earth Quake and Hurricane in the same week…

Last week was by far the most adventurous week in NYC that I had scene in awhile. It all started out with a lil swaying while I was at work. I was standing up chatting with a co-worker when all of a sudden I started to move back and forth. Odd since I am on the 18th floor. Then all of a sudden people started yelling earth quake. Now if you know New Yorkers any chance that something might be a terrorist attack they start running for the stairs and that is exactly what happened. I was still standing in the same spot trying to figure out what just happened when someone yells there has been a 5.8 earth quake that has hit Richmond Virginia. I immediately think oh crap that is right next to my parents house. Of course all cell phones are done in the tri state area and no one can get through to DC. So I wait patiently and keep trying to get a hold of someone in my family. Finally 45 mins later I get my mom on the line telling me that she is fine and that no major damage has been done. Well if that wasn’t excitement enough for the week.. Friday comes and with that Hurricane Irene. Again, I’m sitting at work at over the loud speaker in preparation for the hurricane we are evacuating the premises.  My response, “Awesome I can go home early.” The whole city was in disarray the lines for the grocery stores were avenues long and D batteries were no where to be found. So I did the most logical thing I could think of I self evacuated myself to DC. :) I figured if I am going to be stuck inside all weekend might as well be with friends in DC. My weekend in DC was so much fun spending time with all my favorite people. Thanks Irene for making my weekend extra exciting and for not causing to much damage on the East Coast :)

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