Friday, August 12, 2011

New Beginnings….

Well I did it. I survived week one on the job. I’m not going to lie that getting up at 5am this week was a bit rough. I’m glad that today is volunteer day and we don’t have to report until noon. It was a fun week meeting 400 other associates and competing in sorts of competitions. I may have even dominated in a few!! Thanks LATAM team for helping us win the case study:) This week has made me really reflect on my life. A lot of changes have been happening in the concrete jungle not only did I start a job and give up my days of leisure but I also have had to say goodbye to 5 of my best friends this summer.  It has not been the easiest thing in the world to say goodbye and be supportive in each of there conquests to move forward in their lives. But I am genuinely happy for each of them and wish them the best even though I still really miss them. New York has been and continues to be an interesting place to live. Some days you really hate the city and other days you wake up and re fall in love with it. Dreams do come true in this concrete jungle. I am excited for fall to come and for new friends and new opportunities. To les, jonny, tino, vesse, and Linds I love you guys and miss you!!


Kristen said...

I'm so glad you survived week one! It was so fun seeing you! AND you need to make it so that I can follow your blog, I may be blind/tired right now but I can't find the link anywhere. xo!

Rustino Scar said...

awwww, girl, I miss you too. and the rest of them. Im glad to hear that you're doing well!