Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Codder and the Vineyard

Last weekend I finally made it to the new england coast. It has been a quest of mine to make it up that direction. I had such a great time meeting new people and spending time with friends. I think the car rides were by far the best part. Maybe it was a dance party for 5+ hours each way. I think Mala and I had way to much fun playing DJ. Sorry boys about the Celine Dion marathon but it was just to fun to stop. We got to the cape late Friday night. Did I mention that the cape is full of rotary’s yup lots of them. I may have driven around in circles for awhile trying to find my way around the round about. hahaha. Saturday was spent at the vineyard it was such a good time. We biked all around the little towns. Edgartown is by far my favorite. I loved stalking the kennedys estate all day. The ferry experience getting out to the vineyard was memorable and thanks to Jesse I was able to make it since I had no cash after discovering that the car parking was 45 mins away from the ferry terminal. Who knew?! Sunday was spent driving all around the Cape. Chatam was darling and I would love to have a house there one day. Great memories were had thanks to Farrah’s generosity thanks again for putting together such a great weekend. I had a fabulous time!





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Farrah Wun said...

I have zero qualms about making this an annual event. SERIOUSLY. This was the best trip home I've ever had in my whole entire life- I can't begin to thank all of you enough for the incredible adventures and indulging all my backwoods fascinations.
Pigglie-Wigglies forever!!!

Brooke said...

Celine Dion should always be a marathon - always!

Kristen said...

so pretty! I have to get up there sometime.