Thursday, October 06, 2011

biking, workout class, and a marathon?!

So what happens when your 4 best friends move out west?! You start excessively working out to make up for the loss of friends… First step you signup for a circuit training workout class twice a week. Second step you sign up for a marathon and start running in the mornings. Third step you start biking and realize you need clips and shoes. Fourth step the day after you sign up for the marathon you buy clips and shoes. Fifth step you get a running and biking coach to help you train. So you could say I am managing quite well without my people. None of my work pants fit anymore due to excessive weight loss over the past 6 weeks. :) My little brother Peter is loving life because I keep signing him up for half marathons so I have a running buddy during the races. Lastly, I am extremely happy and am for the first time ever really loving my job and living in the city. So all in all I miss my friends but am doing well none the less :)

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Rebecca said...

SO FUN!!!! I love that you have found a happy place :)