Friday, August 20, 2010



> Vietnam is was nice to meet you. I enjoyed my time in three of your
> cities. It was a bit rough at the beginning due to a high fever I
> had. But after that passed I was able to enjoy your richness. Ho chi
> minh was a great thriving city. I have never seen so many scooters
> on the road. The shopping in that city was incredible. I really
> couldn't control myself as is evident by Air Asia charging me 36 USD
> to check a second bag full of all the stuff I have accumulated over
> the past 13 weeks.
> Hanoi you were beautiful and full of history. I feel like I really
> understand your culture better after visting your temples and
> padagoads. Seeing were Uncle lived and where he was put to rest was
> very interesting.
> Ha long bay. I had so much fun exploring your caves and waters. It
> was so much fun to stay on a house boat and see the amazing lime
> stone rock. Paddling in your warm waters was so great. Singing
> karoakoe with everyone on the boat was one of my favorite nights.
> Seeing Leslie dance around crazy while singing to michael Jackson
> and Tom Petty was classic and timeless.
> Now on to Hong Kong for a strong finish with jon and Les. I can't
> believe that my summer in south east Asia is coming to an end. It's
> crazy becuase I have learned so much about different cultures and
> about myself over these 13 weeks. It's going to be hard to let go. I
> have learned to tolerate so much more than I have ever before. I am
> so greatful to live in America and for modern conviences. To be able
> to drink out of the tap and to have running hot water is such a
> privelage that so many take for granted. I'm really glad that I was
> humbled this summer and was brought down to my core. But I do look
> forward to return to the concrete jungle and be among friends and to
> have the chance to really reflect on my experiences.

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