Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hong Kong with JON!!!!

Leslie and I arrived in HK late Friday night! We were so excited to see Jon. The first thing we did was go to Soho and find the best mexican food in HK. It was so good to finally eat Mexican food again.

Saturday morning we woke up and went and toured the TST region of HK. We took the star ferry over and enjoyed views of the city

Jon finished class in the early afternoon and we headed to green wave bay for an afternoon in the sun. It was so HOT in the city and we were so excited to jump into the bay

Its been so fun to see Jon. He moved to HK in May and Leslie and I have been counting down the days until we got to see him.

Today we went to church and then headed up to see the largest Buddha bronze structure. It was a lot of fun. We even got to take a cable car down the mountain.

friends reunited!!

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dubya said...

can you please just come home so we can be real friends outside of Asia? ok thanks. bye now