Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elephant shmelephant

>> Have you ever ridden up a hill on an elephant to a fort or bought
>> three linen blankets in one day? That's what's happens when you
>> come to india. We all can't get enough of the bangles in Jaipur
>> either especially Leslie. Ask her about her 7th bangle today. You
>> only need 6 for a set. Today was super humid at all of our
>> different spots but that didn't stop us from taking a million
>> photographs and eating curry until we can't anymore. We had our
>> first east coaster get destroyed last night poor Seth threw up 6
>> times. Tomorrow we are headed to another tiger reserve hopefully
>> this time we will be successful and actually see one.
>> Hi all!
>> We had a rad day today in incredible India! We started off early
>> with an 8am start on our bus up to the Amber Fort. We rode
>> elephants up to the top of a huge switchback hill which led to the
>> fort. Riding an elephant is a bumpy journey. They are so giant. We
>> are also riding elephants in Thailand. Which we are looking forward
>> to. Then after touring we headed to lunch and shopping. Now back at
>> the hotel for a little R&R. Then we are finding a Pizza Hut tonight
>> for some much needed American food. I must admit I am a little
>> tired of heartburn and curry! ;)
>> Xoxo
>> Les

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