Saturday, July 31, 2010

Attempt number 2... Fail

Today Saturday July 31st was a great day. It started with a four hour
drive from japiur to the tiger reserve. Along the way we caught a
puncture in our tire and were delayed getting to the reserve by an
hour. It was pretty entertaining watching Indians fix the tire so we
didn't mind at all. Once we arrived at the reserve the monsoons
started and we were all worried that the jeep safari might not happen
but to no avail the rains ceased just in time. We headed out at 3:30
on the hunt for a tiger sighting. We took off in two jeeps. Les jeff
tom and I were in the lead jeep with the most entertaining guide I
have ever met. He had the wittiest jokes about the jungle and tigers.
We were in the jungle off roading for three hours through the mud
going up mountains. We were able to spot many deer and antelope but
no tigers. This is my second attempt at tiger sightings in India and I
am still zero for 2. But i cam now check tiger jeep safari off of my
bucket list. I had a great time among friends and cruising through
town in the jeep.

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