Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sari's & Bangles


> Jaipur today has been quite the success for shopping and for touring
> the city palace. This city is all pink and was founded in 1776. The
> pink is a welcoming color and comes from a natural sand. It's been
> an eventful
> day with bollywood movies, shopping, and curry. We have another full
> program tomorrow that includes elephants and forts.
> Hi All!
> It's Leslie! As if you couldn't tell with all the exclamation points
> and emoticons! ;) we are having a fabulous day in Jaipur. We have
> been shopping and site seeing way too much. But the prices are so
> cheap we really can't resist. With 4 weeks still to go we better buy
> an extra bag. ;)
> More tomorrow...
> Xoxo
> Les

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Me said...

Wait! You waited to leave Hyderabad before you hit the bangle shops? You know they make them here, right?