Saturday, June 12, 2010

The time has come to eat curry and rice with my hands

Today we went on a an adventure to a rural village. We went on a 2 hour drive but this time the van had A/C.. it was a dream come true.
Once we got there we were introduced to the school and the the girls that had been resuced from child labor to go to school.
They were adorable and loved having their picture taken so they could see themselves. I don't think they have mirrors. They also
love to dance or should i say watch us dance. So we danced for the girls.. we all know that my dancing abilities are less than par
but i danced anyway to miley cryus and journey. The village treated us to lunch.. what an experience this was. Imagine buckets filled
with curry and rice with flies everywhere.. and no silverware. Thats right I ate curry and rice with my hands. I tried to eat so slow because
when your plate starts to look even a lil empty they fill it up more. I was so scared I was going to get sick. But its been 15 hours and
my stomach has stayed strong. I promise to post pics from today soon. The internet is really sketchy here. But the best find of the day
was the cafe that lets you make calls to the US for 2 ruppese a minute. Its 45 ruppes to a dollar. so its quite a steal:)


Rebecca said...

I love it!! Those little girls sound precious.

Doug and Heather said...

It sounds like you are having quite the adventure! Keep posting...I love living vicariously through you!!!

West Family said...

I would love to see the pictures! Sounds like a great start for your adventures this summer!

Kristin Demers said...

I love that you can call me on the cheap!!