Sunday, June 13, 2010

why is 10.5 hours ahead killing me?!

So the internet totally hates me in India. It wont let me upload photos with the broadband usb connection we have at the apartment. My other option is the internet cafe, but its like a sweat shop I can only handle about 30 mins because then I am sufficiently sweated through all my clothes. I'll find another way to upload. I went to an LDS church today. It was a super cool experience. Can we have their dress code in the US??? They were in ceremonial clothing so so so pretty. I love that pants totally fly here but you would never know that they were wearing pants because they are so ornate. I decided today that why fight their dress so we went to a market and I purchased a few clothing items. So maybe I will turn a little Indian this summer. It sure beats getting all the looks every time I walk out of the house. This country is seriously so conservative I wish I had their bodies so that I could wear super long clothing and layers and not even sweat at all...
So since I have gotten here I have gotten in a really bad habit of taking afternoon naps for oh maybe 4 or so hours.. I know its not helping my cause and I did it again yet again today. Fell asleep after church for 2 hours ate dinner at 8pm and then went back to sleep at 9 and guess what time it is now? 1:55... ahh its a lost cause. I have to take some tylenol PM or something or tomorrow will be another disaster.

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Rebecca said...

How cool that they wear traditional clothing to church! How many people attend the ward/branch?

I can't wait to see you in some Indian clothes. Will you get a sari while you're there?