Friday, December 28, 2012

Year of the Race!!

As 2012 comes to an end I can't help but reflect on all that I have accomplished this year. This year I became slightly obsessed with racing both on foot and on my bicycle. It started with completing my first marathon in Miami in January and ended with me completing my second marathon in Chicago in October. So join me on my journey of the race and see all of the fun memories that I had and those who joined me on each of my races. My little brother Peter joined me on three of my races it was fun to share a common pastime with him.

Miami Marathon with Peter and Anita in January   

                                             DC Half Marathon in March with Anita and Peter

                              Santa Cruz Half Marathon in April with Lindsay two weeks after DC Half..
                    First Biking race in April.. Brooklyn Bun. (Duatholon) with Katie, Anita, and Natalie
50 miler biking race for MS along the Jersey Shore in May... I might have forgotten sunscreen on this race... Still rocking that awesome tan line

200 Miler relay race in June in the mountains of North Carolina. Awesome ride.. I might have lost Peter for a couple of hours.. scary

Nassau to Suffolk 75miler ride in July with Natalie and Nat.. this ride was beautiful in Long Island
In August I convinced a few peeps to volunteer for NYC first Iron Man. It was really fun to cheer on all the athletes.

In September I completed my first century ride. Bike all of Manhattan and the outer boroughs

                                               2nd Marathon of 2012 in Chicago with Anita
In late October I took a trip up to the Berkshires with a bunch of girl friends and did a 40 mile with Anita

Its late December and the time for racing this year has come to a close. I probably will never complete this many races in a year again. But I am proud of every accomplishment that I had and for all the fun memories that I have. So many friendships were born and nurtured along the way. I will be forever grateful for each race and what it taught me.


Kristin @ said...

Love your post and admire all your races!

I can commiserate about gnarly tan lines. Still rocking an awesome tan line from and MS century ride two and a half years ago. I pushed my shorts up two inches past where I applied sunscreen. I'll never make this mistake again as long as I live.

Rae said...

Awesome!!!! Congratulations. I'm impressed by all your hard work.
Let me know if you volunteer for the Iron Man again. I think that sounds so awesome and inspiring. I'd love to do it.

Aaron S said...

That is a phenomenal year of racing, Caroline! You're an animal, and I'm hoping to even get back to somewhat of an athlete in the coming year. Maybe we'll even get to race together at some point...