Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last day in my 20s...

So its true I failed to blog most of this year. But before I leave the decade of my 20s tomorrow I feel like I need to say a few words. The other night I was on the subway on my way home from work reflecting on everything I had accomplished in my 20s. I started off this decade in Rexburg Idaho attending BYU-Idaho. The time I spent at BYUI feels all but a distant memory. But the friendships and opportunities that came out of that experience are in numeral. I made my best friends at that institution that have lasted a life time and carried me through my 20s. I also graduated with a finance degree which landed me in NYC. I have to believe that if I would have transferred to BYU Hawaii that I would have never made it to NYC.

When I reflect on my 20s and where I spent the majority of my time it would be in NYC. Which is pretty ironic if you really think about it. Who would have ever guessed that 7 years later I would still be walking the streets of the concrete jungle? A few notable accomplishments in my 20s are:

1) Undergraduate degree - BYU-Idaho (Finance)
2) Traveling to Spain, France, India, Belgium, Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Scotland, England, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico
3) First job - JPMorgan (Finance Analyst)
4) Second job - JPMorgan (Investment Analyst) series 7, 63
3) Graduate degree- Columbia (Organizational Psychology)
4) Third job after graduating from Columbia (Citi Associate in HR)
5) Marathon runner
6) Getting into road biking. Biking 75 miles

When I really think about what has been the most memorable event or experience. It wasn't the time I hiked to the top of Mount Sinai or scuba dived in the Red Sea. It wasn't even the time I ran into the house with my parents car. Nope I think the most memorable experience were all the memories I shared with those around me. I feel so honored to have met so many incredible people in my 20s. Whether it be roommates, friends from church, work buddies, classmates, boyfriends, or strangers on the streets they have all added to who I am today. I am so thankful for loving parents, siblings, relatives, and friends that have helped shape me to who I am today. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Thank you and I look forward to sharing my next decade with all of you. I am excited to see what my 30s will bring and how different they will be from my 20s.

Here's to turning 30 tomorrow! :)


Unknown said...

Lovely post! I am sure your 30s will be even better! Have a wonderful Birthday! You deserve it!

chloe said...

What about getting to know me?! :) Caroline, I'm so glad you're still in NYC!

grace said...

I miss you!! Happy (early since I live on the west coast and it's not past midnight yet) Birthday!

Aaron S said...

You made it to 30! The next 10 years will definitely be great, too, with plenty more milestones!

Rae said...

What awesome accomplishments, seriously. I'm drooling over your travel list. That is really amazing.
Congrats on everything you've done and here's to the next decade!