Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pajama Birthday Jam

What happens when one of your friends turns a year older?? This happens….IMG_5073

matching pajamas


Wii dance party…



birthday cake….


late night stories from Dr. Tino…



Thats a wrap… Thanks Linds for turning a year older and allowing us to pajama jam in your honor.


Rustino Scar said...

oh dang!!!!
i believe it's time we teach you how to upload videos to YouTube...

Wendle said...

You guys look so cute!

I wish I would have been there to celebrate with you all! I'll be there soon enough...tomorrow in fact :)

Can't wait.

Kristan said...

so sad i missed it!

dubya said...

i <3 this!! :) can we have a pajama party jam for my birthday!?

Anonymous said...

Love it! And is that your new place? B/c it's awesome!

Rebecca said...

That was my post a min ago. Little Ernie and his darn gmail account!