Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spontaneous road trip to Nashville

It all started Thursday night at 1am. Linds, Tino, and I had just gotten back from the shake shack and were sitting on the couch watching TV when Tino says, “hey guys lets go on a road tip this weekend.” Linds and my response, “where are you thinking? Tino,“Well i’m looking on google maps and Kentucky is only 12 hours away. We can go to Lexington to where I served my mission. Linds and I think about it for a second and then Linds responds with, “How about Nashville???” Tino response, YES!!! lets go!! Next thing you know we are executing our new plan for the weekend. Within 20 mins the rental car is booked and we have planned out our departure time for Friday night.

We left around 6:30pm on Friday stopped at Chick-Fil-A in PA and then continued on our way to Tennessee. We drove through the night and arrived in Nashville at our buddies house at 7:30am.  Saturday was filled with the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, BBQ food, Honky Tonks at night, and of course the purchasing of cowboy boots for the three of us.

Sunday we toured stuido B where Elvis recorded most of his songs and then we went to a cafe and listened to up and coming song writers sing their songs. It was pretty down right amazing.  All and all I have to say it was an amazing weekend spent with two of my closest friends. I also want to thank Jeff for hosting us and being an amazing tour guide!!

The 17 hour ride home in snow and ice was hands down my favorite part!! Thanks Tino for taking the wheel and getting us all home in one piece!



IMG_4931   IMG_4924                     Elvis Piano. Tino played How Great Thou ArtIMG_4939IMG_4910


Tennessee!! Thanks for a Grand old Time


Rebecca said...

LUCKY!!!!! Miss you!

Teresa said...

Good times! I want to make a road trip there some day too, but it is only like 9 hours from here. :) Good to hear from ya today! Miss ya too

Wendle said...

Oh my gosh! I love that you guys did this! You should have called Stac and I. We would have jumped in our car and met you guys on the road :)