Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Beginnings in 2011

Two weeks ago I finished my last semester of grad school. I got my grades today. All A’s for the semester. :) Last weekend Lindsay and I moved into our new 2 bed room apartment on 74th street. We spent the weekend moving and unpacking. We haven’t decorated yet. So don’t judge. Its a pretty cute apartment I have to say.:) I am excited to see what this year will bring.


Terrace. It came with all the patio furniture and the BBQ.  I can’t wait for it to get warmer out!!


                                             My bedroom upstairs


                                                     living room


                                Kitchen and downstairs bathroom


                                             Lindsays’ room downstairs


Rebecca said...

Oh wow! That is really nice!

Kristan said...

i just hope you didn't put up that mantle shelf . . . otherwise that TV needs some serious padding underneath it :)

dubya said...

I LOVE IT! can't wait to come visit!

Teresa Johnson said...

Wow...that's really cute! Way to go on all your recent accomplishments! I miss ya...when you heading back down this way?

Rae said...

Looks adorable. Can't wait to see it!
Congrats on finishing school and the great grades!

Carol said...

Your mother approves. It is great to see your life so clean and organized. And, way to go with all that graduate school success!MOM