Sunday, August 15, 2010

When in Nam

Good morning Vietnam!!!
Leslie and I arrived early this morning to the wonderful country of Vietnam. Can I just say this country is CRAZY. Let me start by telling you the exchange rate. 18,155 dung to one US dollar. Yup so how much did I take out at the ATM?! 4MM. Insane yes!! Also everyone rides scooters and has face masks. I'm not going to lie it kinda makes me nervous. Is there another SARS breakout that I don't know about or what? We have the most amazing tour guide she wears kitten heels and loves to grab us by the arm when we cross the street. It's pretty dang funny. We have already been to the market and bought way to much stuff. Needless to say we have obtained another duffel thanks to Tom. ;) I'm excited for more adventures tomorrow.

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dubya said...

I think I need to see pictures of your treasures. You should have seen the pile of amazingness between natalie & amber combined when they got home this week! it was INSANE. I think you and Les can seriously rival them though!!!