Friday, August 13, 2010

Ant infestation

So maybe I ate half of a granola bar and put the other half back in my backpack while staying in a raft house. I totally forgot about the granola bar until this afternoon when the three of us were packing up to leave the lake hut and to my horror ants had attcked all of our bags. Not just my lil backpack but all three backpacks. So we put all of our packs in garbage bags and sprayed them down with off. Well of course while taking the long tail boat back to the pier which was an hour long it poured rain as per usual here. So now we had wet ant bags. Awesome. I'm sure the resort that we are staying in now loves us. We pulled up with 5 large garbage bags full of our crap to a 5 star hotel. It was a pretty awesome scene. At any rate the 3 nights of roughing it was great. The last night on the raft house was awesome. We spent the day caving and canoing all around the lake. We had many ling aka monkey sightings and we had the best guide ever. His name was Toy and he never stopped laughing. The best story was when we were trying to teach him how to play hearts and he dropped one of his cards through the slit down into the water and he started cursing in Thai. Next thing you know he grabs a crowbar and starts yanking up the wood to fish for the card. It was the 2 of clubs and all. He was successful in his fishing and saved the card;) All and all I have loved this weekend in Thailand. Toy even let us stop at a market this afternoon to buy Thai pants which are so amazing. The fun continues tomorrow white water rafting. ;)


dubya said...

are said Thai pants similar to the triangle pants i saw a bunch of girls wearing? I'm kind of sad I left India without a pair of those!! I really don't remember seeing clothing at any of the places we were shuffled into. ;)

dubya said...

OH and I sure hope you're getting use out of the rain jacket!!! I'm SO glad I could help out...but maybe it rains so hard that it doesn't matter if you have a rain jacket????? ALSO I cannot even wait to see the pictures of the rest of your travels...I'm talking Every. Single. One!!!