Thursday, August 19, 2010

South East Asia... I´m going to miss you

South East Asia I am really going to miss you next week.....
1) Starz - why can't the USA have this station?!
2) Being called Madam everywhere I go
3) personal drivers to all our destinations
4) witty tour guides with amazing jokes
5) your beautiful beaches
6) your crazy jungles and ever increasing amount of Mosquitos. I have never used so much repellent in my life.
7) blueberry hazel nut pringles. Such a good find in Thailand
8) Socialized medicine. Thanks for the Prada glasses at such a great price
9) Monsoon sales - and bargining my calculator and I got really good at getting the deals
10) Taking malaria pills everyday and even running out and finding more
11) Air Asia I want to bow down to you. Your ability to have such cheap fares is incredible
12) endless car rides with drivers honking and passing cars like crazy
13) constantly getting food poisioning. Oh India I will never forget you
14) Eating with my hands and it being totally socially acceptable
15) making some amazing friendships with your great people
16) people asking me how I feel about your different countries and when I will be back to visit
17) your bell boys. I never once had to carry my pack for 13 weeks. Your endless customer service is incredible
18) All my friends that braved India to come visit me. I'm so sorry that India got some of you.
19) To Jeff thanks for playing with me for four weeks. I will never forget how excited I was to see you in kochi.
20) Leslie we have so many memories.I think the one with Raja is my favorite. Thanks for putting up with me for 5 weeks. It's been so much fun to get to know you better. We had such an incredible adventure. An adventure of a life time. ;)

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