Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Farewell India

Well i did it I survived 60 days in incredible India. I will never
forget the first days when I wanted to jump on the next plane to JFK
and give up trying to live like an Indian. But I pushed through and
over came multiple obstacles. As I am flying to kuala limpar right now
with Leslie I am reflecting on my experiences in india. The time spent
in Hyderabad and koraput were some of the most trying times for me
personally. I had to learn to be okay with a quality of life that I
was not accomosted to. I am not going to lie some nights it was so
hard and I wanted to quit. I will forever be thankful for friends and
family that answered my dyer calls and emails at my most trying
moments. I wouldn't have made it without you guys. Y'all know who you
are and thankgoodness for skype and the reliance Internet cafe in
Hyderabad. That being said what a growing experience I was able to
have for 6 weeks. I would have never guessed that life could be so
hard in a third world country. As Marie would say, "just lower your
expectations Caroline and everyhing will be fine." But as many of you
know I don't do well with failure and will do anything I can to have
success in my life. So when I was asked to go live in a tribal village
for two weeks I didn't even think twice about going. Now traveling by
3rd class non A/C for 13 hours during the day was a bit much for me
and my attitude was pretty bad by the 4th hour. I just couldn't take
sweating to death and being haggled left and right and being touched
by people that have scabies. But I lived through it to tell the tale
and can now look back and laugh about it. But at the time I really
just wanted to jump out of the train and figure out a more humane way
to get to visak.

Village life was rough and although we had a personal cook mosa, he
didn't understand a word of English and had never cooked for
westerners before. So upon arrival and seeing that we used trays that
were still wet from the dirty Indian water I just had to laugh and
pray that I wouldn't be sick the whole time.

The time spent among the people was worth every minute of being
uncomfortable back at the lodge. But I would have loved to have enough
bug spray, toilet paper, tampoons, and purrell for two weeks. Not to
mention bleach that could have gone such a long way. That being said I
beat the odds and only threw up the first day and made it two weeks in
rural India. To the 4 other HELP volunteers y'all deserve an award for
putting up with me. I was really not in my best state and am frankly
embrassed by some of my behavior. I want to give the four of you props
for being such good sports and having such positive attitudes I
learned a lot from all four of you.

I am really glad that I had this experience i made some lasting
relationships with volunteers and indians that will last a life time.

To amber Natalie and Jeff the week in Kerala was God sent. I don't
think I have been so greatful for a bed and electricity that was
constant. Thanks for listening to me talk through all my experiences
in Hyderabad. I had so much fun seeing Gods own country with the three
of you. We have some great memories of house boats, wild goats,
kovalum (acid incident), and missing flights.

To the 9 DC'ers that flew over to play with me last week in northern
India. I had so much fun road tripinv from Delhi to Japiur, tiger
moon, and Agra. It was so great to see familiar faces and to
experience India with all of you. I am so glad each and everyone one
of you came.

To Leslie, words cannot express how excited I was to see you when you
came through the doors of the Delhi airport.
It's been so fun to spend time with you and travel the world. We
already have had some crazytimes and I am sure will have quite a few
more over the next four weeks!!!

India I would be lying if I wouldn't say I was sad to leave today. But
I want to thankyou for making me become a better person. You have
helped better understnad the world and peoples circumstances and
showed me that everyone deserves a chance at happiness.

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