Friday, August 06, 2010's been a really long time

I'm not going to lie being in Malaysia has been great. Just boarding
the plan to KL was nice. The plane was so empty Les and I got a whole
row to ourselves and the mayla people were so nice the whole flight.
Upon arriving at 9:30 pm we realized that our hotel was 70 kilometers
from the airport and our flight to Penang was at 6:55 am the next
morning so Leslie and I started laughin and just went with it. Either
way we both wanted to see the twin towers and the kings palace. KL is
one of the cleanest cities I have ever been in. Now I realize that I
am coming from one of the dirtiest countries in the world but its an
amazing sight to see. All the cars are electric and everything is so

The best part of the night was meeting Cannon our cab driver. He took
it upon himself to take us around the whole city and tell us about the
history. Malayasia broke free from the British in the 1950s. Since
theie independence is still so new there is still quite the British
influence here. Cannon had the kindest and sweetest heart of anyone I
have ever met. He lost his wife about 12 years ago and now drives cabs
to pay the bills and has the greatest outlook on life. I learned a lot
from just listening to him talk about his life and family. I think the
best thing about my travels thus far has been talking with the locals
and learning about their own personal trials. It has put my life into
prospective hearing about others lifes and what they have gone through.

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