Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joy Holidays!!! Thanks

I have to give a shout out to Joy Holidays!!! They are a travel agency that is one floor below our apartment here in Hyderabad! I met them on day one of arriving to Hyderabad. Everyone knows that one of my passions in life is traveling and so when I heard that we had a travel agency in our building I immediately went downstairs and introduced myself. They have three employees in the office. An older man Joe (who sent me flowers yesterday for my birthday, which is hands down the most thoughtful thing that an indian has done for me yet) Puravti and then the guy who I always forget his name. He is constantly asking me to go to drinks with him. Yesterday I found out that he is married and has two children and that his wife is traditional ie.. she doesn't drink and does not approve of it at all. His marriage was an arranged marriage. Very interesting we talked a long time yesterday about arranged marriages so insightful really.

The office loves to take Grace and I on little adventures in the afternoons. They took us to our first hindi temple and explained the whole process and what goes on.

I have learned many things from Joy Holidays. Joe loves to teach me all about India. He loves history and doesn't want me to be an ignorant American. I thank him for that. The other thing that Joy Holidays loves to do is help me plan weekend getaways. They love to send me to new hotels that they haven't sent clients to yet to see what I think. They love to get an American's opinion on things.

Joy Holidays!! I want to thank you for your friendship and for letting me hide in your office for hours at a time:) You have shown me true Indian hospitality and I thank you for that. I will treasure your friendship forever!

Thanks again for making my stay in Hyderabad a better one!!!

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Rebecca said...

How fun! And I love that he sent you flowers for your birthday!