Monday, June 28, 2010

you can take the girl out of the city but you cant take the city out of the girl

So we made it to the rural area. It was a six hour journey by car. I was shoved in the trunk of the jeep since there were 7 people in the 5 seater car. I didn't mind this meant i could sprawl out over the luggage. The view was better from the back anyway. Village life is a lot harder than city life. I never thought I would say how much I miss hyderabad. I'm realizing now how much of a city girl I am. I just don't deal with bugs well especially beetles the size of golf balls that hiss at you and land under your shirt. I'm just not a fan. We are living in a compound that is locked by a gate. We are staying in a building where they train the people local skills. The poor babies are so scared of us. I don't blame them this area has never seen white people. I walked by a baby and she started screaming. I look like a ghost to her. I felt bad. I didn't even do anything to the poor child. So we came pretty ill prepared for this adventure. We sure did throw all of toilet tissue into a pile and made a rule that we could only use if for extreme emergencies. So needless to say I have figured out the bucket system in the bathroom. The food is alright Indian all the time. I am rationing my granola bars and twizzlers. I have one box of cereal that I am going to cherish until its gone. I wish we would have brought mosquito nets and more bug spray. Not sure how to ration spray. I have got nicked name the diva of the group. I have never really considered myself a diva until now. I just take longer to adjust than others:) its cool. I'm sure by the end of the week I will be adjusted better.
We start our work in the morning. We are going individually with the field officers to the villages to observe the program in action. After a few day of observation we are going to profile a few different families to see how their lives have changed since they entered the program. We want to help SKS raise awareness about the program and the good they are doing. You can only travel by 2 wheelers. I sure wish I would have packed my bike helmet with me. I'm just going to keep praying that none of us get hurt :)

I will have more to post after we go to the villages. The people we have seen so far are beautiful. They all have different nose pierceings to represent the different villages. SKS is in 100 villages here so you can imagine all the different earnings and paint we have seen on the people. I sure wish I could sleep here. But its so hot and the bugs are a bit bothersome..haha Im sure i will get over the bugs in a couple of days.

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West Family said...

You are so strong! You will adjust to the bugs and new life soon! You are awesome!