Sunday, June 27, 2010

Journey by train...not such a good idea

Where to even start about this experience. So the company that we are working with thought it would be a great idea to have us take the train to the rural village. Well you can only take it to visak and then you have to go by car for 6 hours to get to the village. So they decided that we should take the train during the day so that we can see the country side...never agree to taking an indian train by day (lesson #1). 5 of us boarded the train yesterday at 7am. Imagine getting to the train station walking on to the train and seeing seats that look like you are on a school bus. But unlike a school bus three of you need to seat per bench. Then imagine no a/c and beggers everywhere. (lesson #2 never let anyone book you seats on a train. They booked us 3rd class non a/c) See on Indian trains anyone can ride ticket or not. So if say you get up to stretch your legs you have to fight an indian to get your seat back. Anyway so the first 4 hours were okay. It wasnt hot yet and we all were really tired..But by the time it was high noon we were baking. So I decided to take a walk to see if I could find the a/c class. I walked up 15 cars and found heaven... The walk to the cars with a/c was hell. Imagine fighting indians trying to walk up the aisles. Jumping over beggers and trying not to let anyone touch you especially the beggar with the monkey. I jumped when I saw her and ran.
Once i was inside the a/c car I knew I had to get the 5 of us here. The train was at a station. So i got out of the train and booked it back to 3rd class. Once I was back I convinced everyone that the only way we were going to make it the next 10 hours was to move to a/c. So we grabbed our packs and made a run for it. we made it to the car before the train left the station. So f. or the next 2 hours we were filling great. But we knew that our happiness wouldnt last forever..because hey were in india and nothing ever works in your favor. So after being in heaven for 2 hours. we saw the man with the jacket. The train conductor and he was checking tickets and seats. At this point I knew we needed a game plan because there was no way I was going back yet to 3rd class non a/c. So we grabbed our stuff and hid in between cars. But lets be honest. We are white the only white people on the train.. So we stick out like no ones business. So my plan failed and the man with the jacket reached us and yelled at us and demanded that we go back to our assigned seats. We told him that we would but only at the next station. So when the train got to the next station we made a run for it. But this time we were not fast enough. The train started moving and Taylor and I were not on yet. Taylor jumped on but I still wasnt on. So i started sprinting and then jumped and I made it :) Being back in 3rd class a/c was worse then ever because now our seats were completely taken over and we had to fight to sit back down and now had to have our packs on our laps. it was awful. But luckily we all survived and made it 14 hours later to the destination. So now we are at the hotel its 7am and we are waiting for the guy from SKS to meet us here to take us by car to the village.. Should be interesing.. i'm nervous for the sleeping conditions. Because the hotel is scary and we each payed 20 dollars but where we are staying for the next two weeks is 4 dollars a night.. heres to the next adveture.

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I am LOVING reading about all your adventures!!