Thursday, June 17, 2010

one week in.. 10 top things i have learned

So its officially been a week and here are the top 10 things i have learned in no particualr order whatsoever:
1) Don't try to eat american style food... stick with the curry the indians know how to make that best. (i was sick for 24 hours pucking after my american sandwich)
2) When riding in autos to avoid red eyes and coughing , always wear sunglasses and bring a scarf to block pollution from being taken in
3) Indian men don't use a civilized toilets (they all pee on the street i stopped counting at 30+ sightings in one day)
4) When the monsoons come.. plan to lose power and plan to have it last for up to 24 hrs (this means no A/C)
5) wash all fruits and vegetables with bleach.. although this might not kill the bacteria.. but at least try
6) All indians have a bobbing thing with there head which means yes, no, maybe.. don't try to figure out what it means.. you will just get frustrated
7) Everytime you cross the street you are playing the biggest game of frogger I think I have completed levels three and four I can't wait until 4 lane highways next
8) When booking a bus ride don't expect to be able to book a return. you can only book one way and its with no a/c for 10 hours
9) Indians get married in the middle of the night.. they party all night with a band outside and it continues until 6am when the bride and groom leave for the honeymoon. Don't plan on sleeping
10) The day doesnt start until 10am so don't even try to get anything done before then..impossible you will just get a bobble!!!

India its been a good 7 days i have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. May the next 7 be a bit smoother with less sickness and more sleep.. Let the indian adventures continue :)


Rebecca said...

Love it! Don't die while you're there, please- watch out when you're crossing the road. It was good to chat with you this morning :)

West Family said...

Sounds like a good time! Thanks for sharing all those fun details since I don't think I will make it out there anytime soon :)

DKCourt said...

Hey sweetie girl,what a wonderful adventure,love you, Aunt Donna

Kristin Demers said...

You're doing great, muffin. Miss you but love reading your adventures!