Monday, June 21, 2010

The 32 hour round trip adventure to the Indian Ocean

So I had this brilliant idea that we should trek to the indian ocean in Chennai. So I worked all week on figuring out the chepeast way for the 6 of us girls to get there... (i know bad idea cheapeast way. You get what you pay for in this lovely country). Anywho, I booked us 6 one way tickets on the non a/c bus. (no indians busses have toilets. We will get to that part of the adventure in a minute). After the tickets were purchased I realized that I couldn't book the hotel without an indian credit card. So I went downstairs to the travel agent who is now my best friend. Works great since he has internet in his office and we have yet to get internet. So I visit him frequently.. he is a bit creepy about 70 years old. But hey I will do anything to get internet and not have to get into an auto to come to the cafe. Anyway he helped me book the hotel. This hotel was something else it was Indians sad attempt at Disneyworld but totally run down. But its all good the hotel had a/c, regular beds, american toilets and a SHOWER!!! My first real shower since I got here. I felt so clean. So with round trip non a/c bus tickets and the hotel booked the 6 of us headed to the bus depot at 8pm Friday night. Mind you the daily monsoon hit the mintue we left the house. Which you can only imagine that the high quality bus leaked and that we were totally wet for all 16 hours. When the rain stopped the attack of the mosquitos came next. I don't know which I like better rain or bug bites?! At anyrate we arrived in Cheannai at 12:30pm on Saturday and took an auto 30 kilometers to the hotel. I'm getting good at haggling a rate with the auto driver. Our first driver was smoking weed when we got in. I'm not joking his eyes were blood shot and the second hand smoke was killing me. Then he stopped to get more weed, thats when we exited and I told him to go to Hell. :) Once we arrived at the beach.. it was amazing. The beach was full of trash but why should I be surprised? and there were random stray cows and hogs? What up India!! All and in the crazy bus ride was totally worth hanging at the beach for a day and half. I was also able to go to my first movie in India. Indians know how to do something right movies are legit. The seats totally recline all the way and tickets are 2.50 for new movies. I saw Robin Hood in IMAX. All screens are IMAX can't wait to see Toy Story 3 in 3D!! Yeah! Anyway I will not be heading back on a non a/c bus anytime soon. I don't do well holding my pee for 12 hours and then once the bus stops in the middle of no where.. There is no where to go since all the indian men are peeing everwhere so I waited till all the men were back on the bus and hid behind the bus. haha Did I mention we were the only females on the bus?! Oh India.. you have taught me so much in 10 days

Indian ocean.. the waves were awesome. Great spot for surfers

Our cute hotel

Kristen and I totally excited about the beach after the looong bus ride

the indian boys excited to see 6 american girls

the scary bus.... at least i lived to tell the tale :)


Kristen said...

love it. I'd do it again. I think.

Brooke said...

how much fun! I didn't know you knew Kristen - tell her hi for me :) miss you liney

Rae said...

I love SO much that you are blogging. I'm loving reading about your adventure over there.
Keep it up!

Rustino Scar said...

I really wish you would watch your language. You told him to go to Hell? You're getting the JE's right now. judging eyes.