Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kristin’s Bachelorette Party

I have known Kristin since we were juniors at BYU-Idaho. We have lived together for over 5 years now and have so many great memories together. When she got engaged in December, I knew that Lindsay and I were going to have to make her Bacherlorette party a night to be remembered. As many of you know, I am not the world’s best cook or party planner. I can make a mean batch of cookies but that’s usually as far as it goes. Cassie, Lindsay, and I started making preparations in February for the big night. I got tasked with all the food making which at the time sounded like a great idea… But after burning the cheesecake the night before the party I was getting a little worried if I would be able to pull this off. But I have to say I think it turned out just right. I made Cafe Rio roasted pork with the lime dressing and the special rice. I also made the most amazing mango guacamole dip. I made up most of the recipe for the guacamole dip myself. I am going to miss Kristin a lot when she gets married next month but I am really excited for her and her new adventures with Brigham!!!


Party Favors…Linds did a great job

IMG_1692 IMG_1699

The roommates!!!


Kristin excited about her gifts!!IMG_1701

Kristin & Cassie


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Em said...

It looks great. I'm sure everything turned out amazing.