Monday, April 12, 2010

227 Riverside Drive..NYC Family

95th and Riverside Drive has been my home for over 4 years now. I have grown very fond of the building and the location. Especially Riverside Park right across the street. But more importantly than the location has been the people that reside at 227. I have lived with Lindsay and Kristin for almost 5 years now and consider them my sisters. Little Carly moved in September and has been welcomed into the family with open arms. Two floors below our apartment is 2E where the boys reside. For the past two years we have all grown really close to the boys downstairs. We see them almost every day and eat many meals together. As soon as we all get home at night we can be seen going up and down the stairs to each others apartments. As May approaches many changes are coming for 227. We are losing three family members to marriage.  While I am so excited for each of them they will be missed at 227. Its been a great run.. Here are some pictures of some of the adventures we have had together. Congrats, Kristin, Brigham, and Will on the upcoming marriages:)



Camping..who says city kids can’t camp?


       Trip to Niagara Falls!


       Summer nights in the city


        picnics in the park


       Yankee games together


              US Open


       Many trips to the beach…


Thanksgiving dinners downstairs


               Trips to museums


Rebecca said...

I love those pictures! I love that you have loved NYC!

Carly {Keeps it tight} said...

thanks for including me :)

now get home.