Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jersey Shore Relay Race Champions!!

For the last three years a bunch of friends and I have had the tradition to run a relay race on the Jersey Shore in the spring. Its a 26.2 mile race broken up into 5 different legs. Its a fun time, the race is along the boardwalk on the shore. Its a pretty race and a great way to bring in the spring after a long dark cold winter in the city. This year I had a great team. We had so much fun yesterday being extremely competitive with the other 6 teams that were running with us. Our goal was to be the first team to finish among our friends. We had so much fun cheering each other on and making sure we took fun and entertaining photos along the way. My team did so well that we were able to accomplish our goal of coming in before everyone else. It was neck to neck till the end. But Andrea was able to finish strong and win it for us!! I am so proud of you guys!!

There is Brad waving with his arm..starting he race strong

Brad running like a champ!!

I ran the second leg.. couldn’t find a good pic.


Rustin ran the 3rd leg. He did a good job of catching up with our other competitors

Brett was the 4th runner. In this pic he caught up with our last competitor and he got us our lead!!!


Andrea was our 5th runner! You can see here. She has the lead and is so excited!!!


The Champions!!!


Wendle said...

Wuhoo! So glad the you "won" the race. Now if only I could be there for the next race.

Boo. We need to time our trips better.

P.S. I love the new backdrop too. Go India!

Teresa Johnson said...

Yea, so cool! Congrats! Way to go!

Doug and Heather said...

Hey friend! Glad you started writing on your blog again! I love to hear about your travels and glamorous city life! email me your address and I'll send you an invite to our blog (!