Sunday, April 25, 2010

200 mile run from Gettysburg to DC

Have you ever had a dream about running 200 miles with 12 people in 24 hours? I have dreamed about this 24 hour experience for a few years now. I still remember when one of my friends in NYC told me about this concept of having 12 runners run 200 miles in a relay race over a 24 hour period. As soon as I heard about it I wanted in! This 200 mile race took two years of much anticipation for me to finally have the chance to partake of its greatness. I am not going to lie that the race is so so so intense. But its kinda a really cool experience! When else do you run 3 different times in 24 hours and at 2am? NEVER!!! My first leg was up a mountain? I started off sprinting and then realized the serious incline I was about to embark on and just started laughing. I HATE hills and was now trying to sprint up the mountain.. it was pretty funny. But I had to run like a champ for my team because we were in it to win it!! My team was so excellent to put up with Brett and I being extremely competitive and cheering them on and maybe even pushing them a lil!! It was all in fun! The race started in Gettysburg and ended 30 hours later in DC.  I have never run 18.2 miles in such a short time period and my body is for sure feeling the miles right now. But I had a great time and made new friends!! Brett and I became great running buddies!! I’m going to miss him when he moves next week!


so maybe i was a lil excited!!


Brett and I collecting all the race gear!


Keila was the first runner and started us off really strong!


we had to do a lil sight seeing while van #1 was running


Brett making the team proud!


here i am off to the races


i have no idea what i was doing here


Bryce was the 3rd runner in our van


Charlene was our 4th runner


Spencer was our 5th runner. can’t find a pic of him running


Helen was our 6th runner


this sticker on the van was classic


This was my home for 30+ hours.. it smelled like roses.


i sprinted my last leg that was 8 miles.. i think i wanted to die here when i finished


I have never been so happy to see a finish line




Rebecca said...

Wow and awesome! That is so cool!

Mr. ISD said...

great representation of the event!

Teresa Johnson said...

Check you out...WOW...So Cool! Way to go on your recent races. Sounds like you had a great time and what an accomplishment!

Les said...

Liney!!! You impress me!!! I couldn't do the up hill, no way, no how!