Friday, June 03, 2011

San Blas Islands

A few weeks back I went on an amazing backpacking adventure to the beautiful islands of Panama. San Blas islands are some of the most pristine islands I have ever seen. All 365 of them are a well kept secret in central America. I camped for 4 nights in a tent on one of the islands and enjoyed island living. Mala and Aubrey and I enjoyed snorkeling, swimming, and fishing while on the island. Everyone needs to experience San Blas..its heaven!!


                                 The boats to get out to the islands


                                  I have never seen such blue water


                                            sleeping quarters


                                             eating quarters


                                             island eating


Our wonderful hosts/amazing cooks


                             We couldn’t get enough of the coconut

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Rae said...

Caroline, I heard about this trip and I'm dying to hear all about it. Let's chat over VT. :)