Thursday, September 02, 2010

First Week back in the states….

Its official I have been back for a full week. The jetlag is almost non existent and my 7 day body cleanse is done. :) Its been great to be back and catch up with friends. School started yesterday and I started my last first day of graduate school. I graduate in four months. I am so so so excited. As fun as it has been to be back, I miss Asia and traveling around. I miss waking up in the morning and heading out with Leslie on our daily adventure. I had so much fun this summer backpacking around Asia for 6 weeks and meeting so many great people. The memories are going to last a lifetime. Here are a few of my favorite spots this summer….


Kerala…God’s own country. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Who would have ever guessed it would be in India


Bathing this elephant in Kerala. Was hands down one of the top 5 things I did.


The Taj…need I say more?


Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur..speechless


The view from the top of Penang Island in Malaysia..priceless


The tree house we stayed in Thailand.. amazing.


Trekking in the jungles of Thailand by elephant.


staying in a raft house in Thailand…so maybe I got electrocuted and ants invested my bags.. i would go back in heart beat.


The lake and all the limestone rock. Was beautiful!!


beaches of southern Thailand…gorgeous


The beach resort with the infinity pool..


Halong Bay, Vietnam


My favorite thing about Vietnam was being a millionaire. The exchange rate was 19,000 dung to one American dollar. Leslie is a multi millionaire here.


Hong Kong.. my new favorite city


Seeing Jon in Hong Kong was the biggest highlight of the trip for Leslie and I. Jon you are missed in NYC


Disneyland Hong Kong!!!


Oh how I miss the 7 week backpacking adventure!!! Asia we had a great run!!!


Rebecca said...

I am so jealous! Thailand looks AMAZING! I'm so glad you got to take such a fabulous trip.

Teresa Johnson said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved catching up with you and your journeys! Thanks for the phone call! You are awesome dog and I miss ya!

Erica said...

These pics are amazing! Caroline, I'm so in awe of your Asian expedition. What an inspiring trip. I think I'm next.