Monday, August 09, 2010

Phuket two thumbs up

The three amigos arrived to the beautiful island of Phuket Sunday
afternoon. Upon arrival to our amazing resort we were served fresh
juice and were leied with Thai flowers. We were then told that in 20
minutes we had an appt at the spa for two hour Thai massages.
After the massages we hit up the pool before our amazing Thai dinner
which overlooked the golf course. The highlight of the night was
finally finishing My name is Khan. (it's a bollywood movie that we
started watching in India and didn't get to finish it until last
night). I highly recommend it. But y'all should be warned its 3 hours
long. But totally worth the time in my opinion. We woke up early
Monday morning and headed to the jungles of Thailand for a 4 day trek
that includes elephants, rafting, tree houses, canoing and daily Thai

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dubya said...

this post makes me hate my life for not continuing the tour of Asia with you guys! SO JEALOUS! Wish I was there...especially since I image it has been curry free? no??