Monday, July 26, 2010

bathed and elephant...CHECK

So a few days ago while in the mountains of gods own country (kerala’s tag line) we decided to go to the elephant sanctuary and pay to ride the well trained animals. Well they had a super package where tourists pay to clean the elephants so me being the ignorant American that I am signed up for that deal as fast as I could…. The 30 minute ride was really entertaining we went all around and the trainer stopped and we took many pictures..but the fun came next when it was bathing time. Imagine an elephant laying down on a slab of cement with a hose to spray him. Then imagine Jeff and I approaching the animal with our regular clothes on. The workers kept asking us where our swimming costumes were but of course as per usual we were not prepared with our right costumes for this event. So we took off our chapuels (shoes) and were handed our brushes to scrub down the female elephant. As I was approaching this 2 ton beast she started having a bowel movement which is possibly the most disgusting thing ever. She birthed 4 bowling balls.. it was gross the trainer would catch them as they were coming out and throw them aside. Once she was done Jeff and I got to work scrubbing her down but only on one side as the next paying tourists would have the other. After he and I had sufficiently scrubbed her down from head to toe and I mean to her ever so large toe nails it was time for the shower. Jeff was first and climbed up and she showered him and then it was my turn. I was a bit hesitant to get my body drenched in elephant trunk water but to no avail I got drenched. It was pretty entertaining

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Rustino Scar said...

i thought you said that you had pics somewhere...I'm still looking.
This sounds like so much fun!