Thursday, May 27, 2010

Northern California…pure bliss

Flying cross country twice in a week span is what I call extremely fun. Who wouldn’t want to take two red eyes in 8 days? After being in southern California for Kristin’s wedding I was getting northern California withdrawals. Now I know that might sounds kinda crazy but while I was in college at the BYUI one of my roommates was from Auburn California and I went home with her numerous times. Last weekend I decided to make a trek to go see Courtney it had been five years since I had scene her. We had the best time catching up and playing with her two adorable kids; John and Sophie. I also went to San Fran with Lindsay and her sister for the day to play in the city. We had so much fun renting electric bikes and checking out the city. I had never been to San Fran so it was fun to check out all the different neighborhoods. I think one day I want to live in northern California specifically close to Auburn..its such an oasis from the rest of California. Thanks northern California for being my home away from home :) Your the best!!


Court’s parent property.. i love this place



that’s right im driving a tractor


yeah I am riding a horse but don’t worry I ended up on the ground and stepped on.. I think I should stay away from large animals.. they don’t like me or my insecurity..haha


cute lil sophie..she is precious


lil john is the best. Check out his blonde hair


Court and Linds! I love you guys!!!


Linds, Kelsey, and I riding around the city


Everyone wanted to be our friends with our cool bikes…we were pretty cool




had to have a jumping pic in front of the bridge!!!

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