Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Watermelon Patch

Have you ever wondered if the same fashions were consistent around the USA? Well…. the answer to that question is NO. Apparently, small towns have their own style and fashion. While I was in the thick of the south in Mississippi last week I came across this store.

The Watermelon Patch is the “Nordstrom’s” of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Everyone shops there to get these amazing Southern belle t-shirts. Now you might think they are a bit loud. But I promise you that if you were to go the local Wal-Mart you would see about 25 people sporting the Southern Belle Tee. So don’t be like me and try to fight the style. Go to the Watermelon Patch and indulge in the local trend. Its worth it. To my Hattiesburg friends, I am sporting my tee today at school so that NYC can begin to see the beauty the lies at the Watermelon Patch:)

DSC_7010 DSC_7011 DSC_7012


Rebecca said...

Great post! My shirt is actually growing on me and I am thinking about buying one for Kitty and sending it to her in China. Good times! The t shirt is a great reminder of a really fun visit :)

Magen said...

i bet your new york peeps were jealous of it...and as they should be!